Health and Wellbeing Week 2016 (17th – 21st October)

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29 September 2016

Health and Wellbeing Week is expected to involve several million employees.

Health and Wellbeing Week has been established to provide information to help organisations promote workforce health and wellbeing. The founder members are encouraging employers to organise activities and events throughout the five days, focusing on improving occupational health and employee fitness. Of the 28.2 million working days lost to absences each year in the UK, more than 80% are due to ill health as opposed to accidents. By 2025 it is expected that 40% of adults will be obese, and the number of people living and working with chronic health conditions will rise steadily, affecting morale, effectiveness and profitability among businesses. Featuring a variety of activities and promotional events aimed at enhancing everyone’s understanding of health and wellbeing, the week is centred on 4 general themes which are discussed below in addition to how Health Assured can help you all year round.


This is about understanding that you may experience ill health that could impact on your ability to work. If you have an existing health condition or you experience ill health, we can provide support to help you manage your condition and remain in work, or return to work early while supporting your ongoing recovery.


This is about preventing you from becoming ill as a result of the work you do, through a range of activities such as removing hazards from the workplace, providing training to all managers and employees, and putting into place monitoring and surveillance to ensure the places we work are safe and well-maintained.


Wellbeing is about encouraging everyone to take responsibility for improving their own health and wellbeing by taking proactive steps to self-manage their wellbeing. The benefits extend beyond work and into your home and family lives as well. We will provide a range of activities and information in the workplace to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage employees to make and sustain positive behaviour changes.

Wider Community

We believe we should be encouraging wellbeing not only in our own employees but those in the wider community that we come into contact with. We will strive to deliver initiatives that impact families and friends, other organisations’ employees and other interested parties. To find out more and get involved with these activities in your workplace or wider community visit the Health and Wellbeing Week website.

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