Why Highly Successful People Struggle With Low Self-Worth (and How You Can Reclaim Your Self-Worth)

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16 May 2017

Low self-esteem or low self-worth don’t have to be barriers to success. In this guest post, Jamie Daniel-Farrell, LMFT, tells us how many highly successful people have used their low self-esteem to motivate them. She also provides some valuable tips for overcoming low self-worth since pushing ourselves to achieve more and more doesn’t actually make us feel worthwhile.   Highly successful people might be the last individuals you would expect to suffer from low self-esteem. Many celebrities, CEOs, all-star athletes, and politicians suffer from low self-esteem or did at one point in their lives. When you look at their accomplishments, high income and prestige, you might imagine that to get that far they must have had an abundance of self-confidence.   Self-esteem isn’t a prerequisite for success   It’s not necessarily the case. Make no mistake about it; they’re hard-working, motivated and driven people. They seem to possess the smarts, talents, and skills to get to the top. What we don’t see is that many started out with doubts, insecurities, and feeling unworthy; born from a troubled childhood. That self-doubt played a significant role on their road to success.   Just Be Real, a personal development blog, published a post,  7 Celebrities Who Started Out with Poor Self-Esteem, that highlights the experiences of several highly successful and famous people and their struggle with low self-esteem. Featured are Oprah Winfrey, John Lennon, Hillary Swank, Russell Brand and Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe, for example, moved around a lot as a child. She had many foster parents, and a mentally unstable mother and father. The post explains that although she suffered from low self-esteem, Monroe went on to achieve amazing things in her life as a model and actress. Excerpt from Psych Central, read the full article here

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