How to Manage Anxiety

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20 September 2023

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is what we feel when we are worried, tense, or afraid. It is a natural human response when we feel that we are under threat – particularly about situations that are about to happen, or which we think could happen in the future.

Most people feel anxious at times. It’s particularly common to experience anxiety if you are dealing with big changes in your life or stressful events related to your work, relationships, or finances.

We live in a society where the rise of technology and social media are placing huge pressures on our mental health, contributing to an estimated 8 million people experiencing an anxiety disorder in the UK at any one time. Everyone’s experience of anxiety is different, and everyone will manage anxiety and stress in different ways.

However, there are a number of strategies you can try if you are feeling anxious:

11 ways to manage anxiety

  1. Stay physically active

Develop a routine so that you're physically active most days of the week. Exercise is a powerful stress reducer. It can improve your mood and help you stay healthy. Start out slowly, and gradually increase the amount and intensity of your activities.

  1. Try meditation and yoga

Breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga are examples of relaxation techniques that can ease anxiety and support your mental and physical wellbeing. 

  1. Prioritise your sleep

Do what you can to make sure you're getting enough sleep to feel rested. If you aren't sleeping well, consider using a help-to-sleep app or talk to your GP.

  1. Eat healthy foods

A healthy diet that incorporates vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fish may be linked to reduced anxiety and a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs

These substances can cause or worsen anxiety. If you can't quit on your own, seek NHS support or find a support group to help you.

  1. Quit smoking and cut back on caffeinated drinks

Nicotine and caffeine are known to worsen anxiety, even if they give you a short-term boost.

  1. Learn about your mental health

Talk to a professional and read reputable articles to find out what might be causing your specific condition and what treatments might be best for you. Involve your family and friends and ask for their support.

  1. Stick to your treatment plan

If you are taking medication, make sure to stick to your treatment for anxiety agreed upon by your doctor or therapist, including any Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) appointments you have.

  1. Identify your triggers

Learn what situations or actions cause you stress or increase your anxiety. Knowing what to look out for and how to recognise your triggers is the first step to overcoming them.

  1. Keep a journal

Keeping track of your personal life can help you identify what's causing you stress and what seems to help you feel better. Over time, you may notice patterns or life choices that lead you to feel a certain way. It’s much easier to spot if you keep a journal.

  1. Socialise

Don't let your worries isolate you from loved ones or activities. Keep in touch with friends and family to discuss your feelings.

How can you support your employees with anxiety?

Our Employee Assistance Programme provides guidance and supports your employees with their mental health and anxiety in the workplace and in life. We can help you create a safe, productive workspace that supports all.

We support employees mental wellbeing with any problems they might be facing in their professional or personal lives with our 24-hour counselling helpline.

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