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01 December 2022

Christmas is a time of heightened emotions. Schedules are busier, families reunite, and financial pressures take hold. There’s a faster pace of life. And with these extra demands comes increased stress levels. When stress levels get raised, it can cause anxiety, physical exhaustion and eventually burnout. But there are ways to look after your mental health and reduce stress in the Christmas period.

Awareness of these external Christmas pressures allows us to develop coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms help us overcome difficult emotions when they occur. So if you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed during the festive season, try some of the stress-busting tips below.

Don’t overpack your schedule

When we feel overstretched, it slowly chips away at our mental and physical health. Overpacking your schedule can lead to sleeping problems, abnormal eating habits and out of character behaviours with others. During busy times, it’s even more important to prioritise that alone time.

When we have time to rest and recover, we can regain momentum, make sense of feelings and recharge our batteries. Sometimes it can be tough to pause—especially when your to-do list is never-ending. Yet although it seems counterintuitive, sometimes it’s the best thing we can do.

Cut back on spending where possible

Christmas is one of the costliest times of year—from present buying and Christmas parties down to the dinner itself. All these additional expenses can leave you feeling out of your depth. It is hard to find time to sit down and work out your Christmas budget. Life demands get in the way, and drafting a financial plan is often the last thing on your mind. But working out your budget is one of the best ways to keep the money worries at bay this Christmas. Once you know how much you’re able to spend in each area, you’ll have a better idea of what you can cut back on and where.

Take care of your physical health

We can improve our mental health and stress levels by making our physical health a priority. Of course, Christmas is a time to enjoy a sweet treat and a tipple or two. But everything in moderation is the rule. Small things like a daily walk, increasing your water intake and reducing your alcohol consumption can be a huge help. When we tend to our physical health, our minds are better equipped to take on challenges and additional stresses.

Understand your triggers

For some people, Christmas can bring the dark emotions of difficult situations into the light. It could be grieving a loved one, suffering from alcohol addiction or an abusive family dynamic. These difficult situations can be even more painful during the festive season. If you know you have certain triggers or areas in your life causing issues, it’s helpful to acknowledge these feelings in advance. Plan out the steps you’ll take if you find yourself feeling out of control. Perhaps you’ll remove yourself from the situation, go for a walk or take some deep breaths. This prior awareness can help to guide you back to calm in moments of need.

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