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21 October 2016

Anyone providing support to individuals from the LGBT community needs to have a special awareness to the unique themes that can present in a minority group. This awareness is imperative irrespective of the support givers own sexual orientation or gender identity   Counsellors and Advisors at Health Assured are trained to understand the main concepts and themes that will be present regardless of presenting issues when working with an LGBT client. These include but are not exhaustive of oppression and sexism.   There has been a lot of press in the news recently about therapists from the US and the UK practicing “conversion” or “reparative” therapy. This is not tolerated by the BACP. All Counsellor within Health Assured take a “Gay Affirmative” stance, meaning if an individuals is having negative feeling about their sexuality the therapist will help the client accept these as normal and natural.   The Trans community also has a unique set of challenges when requesting support, whether they are about gender identity specific issues or not. Again Health Assured Counsellors understand the importance of building an understanding and therapeutic alliance whilst developing a contextual knowledge of issue’s that can occur which may not be present for individuals who do not belong to the LGBT community.   Health Assured is committed to facilitating individuals to have a positive and healthy belief about themselves and the world around them. We do not uphold any concept that may create oppression or injustice to any group and will work with individuals in a positive and respectful way to help them navigate the challenges they may face.

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