Isn’t it time ‘corporate stigma’ got therapy instead of people?

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13 April 2017

“I’m having a meltdown” – when it’s more than a metaphor Those of us who’ve worked in the corporate world are used to hearing terms related to mental health being thrown around – usually to describe nothing more than a bad day at the office. How many of us have used terms like … “I’m having a meltdown”, “I’m going nuts here”, “My head is going to burst”, “It’s mentally draining”?  There are many more, I know – because I used them once. I lived in the corporate world of believed stress, of perceived ‘breakdowns’ and ‘meltdowns’ and terminology that the world as it stands today is coming to an end. The trouble is … for some, the world as they know it DOES come to an end. For some of your colleagues today in the workplace that ‘meltdown’ will happen for real.  For them it won’t be a throw-away phrase used to mean a bad day.  Their mental illness will change their lives, and those around them for a very long time, if not forever. The question is how will your company deal with it?   Let’s look at some stats:
  • 98% of people suffering depression are too scared to discuss it in work in case it impacts on their job
  • 3/4 of us will suffer some kind of mental illness and most likely it will be during our working lives.
  • Less than 50% of employees believe that their employer provides adequate support for their mental health.
  • Almost a third say that they do not know how well their employer supports them, indicating that if there is any help to be had, they are not being made aware of how to seek it. (CIPD)
  Excerpt from HR News, read the full article here  

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