Living with “What If” — Addressing Anxiety

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08 May 2017

There are many people who don’t know that their hesitations, fears, and even compulsive “musts” throughout the day are actually stemmed in anxiety. Regardless if the anxiety is caused from stress or trauma, the longer anxiety is ignored — the worse it usually gets.   If your life is plagued by “what if” moments, then it is time to address your quality of life from a mental health standpoint. It is important to know that not all anxiety disorders are the same, however all of them can cause such distress that it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life. The “what ifs” can become immobilizing and then the stress can lead to actual physical disability.   When you ruminate on every situation or “what if”, the big and the small can create  a perfect storm of symptoms that will then result in even more anxiety. Trouble sleeping, issues with eating too much or too little, lack of concentration, headaches, and even stomach upset can all be the result of “what if” anxiety or challenges making decisions.   As a licensed therapist, I tell people all the time to own their anxiety. Don’t run from it. Don’t hide it. Accept that you have it and then find someone to help you work on getting ahead of it. The last thing that you want to do for your body or for your mind is to try to ignore the “what if” questions in your mind.   Excerpt from Psych Central, read the full article here.  

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