‘Marginalised’ older workers feel less appreciated than younger colleagues

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21 February 2017

Older employees are at risk of being marginalised in the workplace according to a new survey of office workers, which reveals big differences in the wellbeing, attitudes and motivations of the workplace’s oldest and youngest employees.

  The over 50s now account for more than 30 per cent of the UK’s working population, but according to the new research older workers are the least content of all employees with less than a quarter of the 55+ age group feeling appreciated by their company and 80 per cent suffering from or having suffered from workplace stress.   In contrast, the workplace’s newest recruits, the under 25 year olds, are the office’s most positive employees with over half feeling appreciated by their company and 60 per cent – the lowest of all age groups – suffering or having suffered from workplace stress.   Older workers, despite their experience and knowledge, do not feel their voice is being heard at work – less than a fifth of over 55s believe that their company values their opinion on the workplace, compared with over a third of the under 25s. Extract from Business Matters Magazine Online, for the full article click here.  

Training workshops/Wellbeing network

In recognition of offering more preventative interventions that can support the emotional health of the workforce, Health Assured can deliver on-site training workshops. Where there are specific requirements within an organisation, including targeted wellbeing strategies, we can support through workshops on a range of topics. We are able to deliver workshops on topics such as stress management, resilience at work, mindfulness, mental health first aid and change management. Such interventions offer a more proactive approach to mental health issues within the workplace, educating on the common signs and symptoms, and supporting employees and managers in effective management of self and teams.   In order to deliver these services, we use a wellbeing network of qualified counsellors with over 2 years’ training experience. We currently work with 16 experts across the UK, who are able to offer the flexibility in geographic locations. All those who are delivering training on our behalf have been vetted in line with our existing affiliate counsellor vetting processes, with annual training provided by Health Assured in order to assess training styles and ensure a consistent approach to the delivery of training workshops. Furthermore, customer feedback will be used in order to audit the training provided so that any issues with trainers can be addressed.   With our training and development services, our experienced trainers work with your management team to build a positive and healthy culture within your organisation. We hold training workshops on stress management, resilience, mindfulness, and more. To find out more get in touch now.

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