How to Offer Whistleblower Protection

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18 February 2018

A whistleblower is a person working within an organisation who reports misconduct – whether it is by a past or present employee or the company itself. It is important to offer protection to whistleblowers to help ensure any inappropriate behaviour comes to light, which in turn can avoid jeopardising the company’s reputation, or the safety of staff or the public. Anyone who speaks out, or ‘blows the whistle’, is protected by law from being fired or mistreated. Despite this legal protection however, employees may still feel hesitant or reluctant to speak out if the right support isn’t available. We can offer whistleblowing support services to help staff speak out and work through any related issues that arise from the experience. Read on to find out what type of support is available and how it can benefit your workplace.

Confidential whistleblower protection

The main point to enforce when working towards providing whistleblowing support is that it is a completely anonymous service, put in place to protect employees and the business. Ensuring staff understand that their name will not be attached to any complaint they make will encourage them to report serious issues such as health and safety risks, criminal behaviour or negligence. Incorporating Health Assured’s whistleblowing protection service will mean that all reports made are handled through us, as a third party. This may help staff to feel more comfortable to talk about the issues with someone who is unrelated to their workplace.

Whistleblowing policy

A great way to offer protection to whistleblowers is to have a clear policy in place regarding the service. This provides a mechanism for ensuring that employees are aware that there will be no repercussions in using the service, thus improving workplace and staff wellbeing. A defined, professional procedure will also benefit the employer, as it will prevent the service from being used for personal grievances.

Expert counselling

With our whistleblowing protection, we don’t just offer a service to blow the whistle. The act of whistleblowing can be very stressful, and those involved may need additional support to recover from the whole experience. Examples of whistleblowing range from a member of staff stealing from the company, to homophobic or racist behaviour to sexual harassment, and therefore support will need to be tailored accordingly. Our service includes fully trained counsellors to be on hand to answer calls at any hour of the day. This will offer confidential support and advisory services to staff who work long hours or don’t want to speak in work time but need to access the service. This can help employees to work through any distress they may have in a confidential way.   As you can see, there are many ways to ensure that whistleblowers are protected in the workplace, so that they feel able to speak out about any misconduct that they have witnessed and help them recover from this. Taking these services onboard will ensure that the wellbeing of staff, customers and the company overall is protected. If you need any more information about our whistleblowing support services, please get in touch with us and we can tell you all you need to know.

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