Are you at risk of burnout? Why everyone needs a break from work

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17 August 2017

Are you risking burnout through your job? Research has indicated that CEOs frequently stay at the office beyond the working day and constantly access business emails and messages at home or when out and about. Taking a laptop on holiday is not unusual, simply because people plan to stay connected to the office so that emails can be dealt with. Many CEOs feel obliged to check business messages even when ill or in hospital. Email overload is reaching unhealthy levels for many people. The younger you are, the more likely you are to suffer problems due to the fact that the internet and electronic gadgets form such a major part of your lifestyle. Many feel that they would be regarded as lacking commitment to their job if they did not respond to emails immediately even outside working hours.
Email overload is reaching unhealthy levels for many people
It’s a situation that’s doing you no favours. In fact, it can lead to burnout, rendering you unable to do your job properly and damaging your health, relationships and general wellbeing. Pablo Vandenabeele, Clinical Director for Mental Health at Bupa Uk says “Down time from work is crucial to maintaining mental health – as it gives both the mind and body the opportunity to reset and recover. The long-term pressure to respond to work emails at all times can lead to irritability, anxiety, depression and even more physical symptoms like aches, chest pains and stomach issues. Well being should be a cornerstone of any workplace health policy and promoting the importance of switching off from work is a key part of that.”   Excerpt from European CEO, read the full article here.

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