Seven ways to improve your brain in your lunch hour

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25 July 2017

If like half a million other Brits you've been glued to a certain reality TV show this summer, on which scantily-clad cast members "invent" words like "escalate" and misuse "spectacle" in the place of "skeptical", you might be in need of a well-earned brain boost. As recent studies prove, getting the cognitive coddle you crave is easier than you'd think. So "crack on" and see how you can "stick it on" your mind during your lunch break. 1. Move your body The Curious Case of Benjamin Button might still be curious, but according to a recent study, something as simple as exercise could be the key to eternal (hyperbole for dramatic effect) youth by delaying the psychological ageing process. The journal Neurology found that older people who exercise regularly boast the same cognitive test scores as those 10 years their junior. Whilst it’s not wholly clear why this may be, scientists suspect it’s because of the increased blood flow to the brain that occurs when we exercise. Run, Forrest, run.   Excerpt from The Independent, read the full article here.

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