Which Situations Can Cause Stress at Work?

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30 April 2018

Hard-working employees are pivotal to every business. If employees are suffering from stress at work, it can have a big impact on the working environment, productivity and profitability. As well as this, untreated stress can often lead to further issues, such as stress-related absences that greatly impact employee wellbeing. To avoid these situations and reduce the risk of employee stress becoming a widespread issue in your workplace, or taking a toll on staff wellbeing, we've produced an article to help. Here are some situations that can cause stress in employees if not managed correctly:


Critical Incidents

A traumatic event, such as the London or Manchester bombings, a road accident, an armed robbery can impact the lives of multiple employees at once, and will be something that everyone will deal with in different ways. If support is not offered throughout this difficult time, then it can lead to multiple issues forming within an individual, including extreme stress or depression. In the face of a critical incident, it can be extremely useful for those involved if a critical incident stress management (CISM) service is offered.  

Feeling alone

As previously mentioned, feeling alone and having a lack of support of any sort can lead to negative issues forming in an employee’s wellbeing, which is why our CISM service is designed to avoid this. This service includes our 24-hour telephone helpline, led by trained in-house trauma practitioners, to ensure that no individual is ever left without someone to turn to for help. As well as this, our bespoke on-site help is available in the form of group recovery meetings, which offer face-to-face counselling to multiple individuals at once, and give the opportunity for peer support.  

Busy periods at work

  Having a workload that is too much or a large amount of pressure placed on staff members can cause them to suffer undue stress. Constantly evaluating workloads and encouraging open communication in the workplace will ensure that there is an awareness of how many tasks each employee has to handle. In addition,  if any employee is feeling overwhelmed with their work or feeling stressed, it is vital they are not afraid to speak up.  

Personal Issues

While employees may not always discuss their personal lives in the workplace, they could be dealing with stressful situations at home. These circumstances can take a huge toll on an individual’s life and may require professional help to cope with. Whether these issues are related to finances, relationships or illness,  offering access to our EAP services will give employees somewhere to turn for advice when they need it most. Offering your employees assistance in difficult, busy periods could be the key to ensuring their mental wellbeing is looked after and can prevent employee absences If you have any thoughts or questions on this subject, or would like further information on  any of the mentioned services to see how your workplace could benefit , do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.

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