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06 October 2015

You will probably be aware that the law is changing from 1st October 2015 with regards to smoking in cars, so now might just be the best time to quit altogether.

There are three reasons to quit today;
  • Your Health
  • Your family
  • To save money
Some people prefer to quit ‘cold-turkey’ but others need support in the form of patches, e-cigarettes and chewing gum – it’s just personal preference though. But what can you expect from quitting? Your body will start to recover straight away although you may experience some nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Common symptoms could include, an urge to smoke again, a feeling of restlessness, irritability, frustration and fatigue. Some people sometimes have difficulty concentrating and sleeping.  However it is important to note that these symptoms will pass. Positive health changes can happen in as little as 20 minutes and your recovery will continue for up to 15 years where eventually your risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked. Stopping smoking might affect you in ways you hadn’t imagined, for example, your sense of taste will return and you will enjoy the taste of food more; and your fertility levels will improve, along with your chances of having a healthy baby. You will also protect the health of those around you by not exposing them to second-hand smoke, however careful you think you are being. It has been proven that those who quit with support in place are more likely to quit long term and there is plenty of support around today. October has become a month of quitting in recent years so you could visit to sign up. Alternatively,

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