Successful retirement ‘requires a healthy lifestyle’

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30 June 2017

Only 35% of adults take their health seriously, says study

A successful and enjoyable retirement requires a focus on both good financial habits and a healthy lifestyle, a global study has found. The research, carried out in countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, claimed that although workers around the world share aspirations for an active retirement, relatively few are taking steps to safeguard their health or prepare financially. The study found 82% of people in the UK have some concerns about their future health. However, just 35% currently take their health seriously by carrying out regular self-checks or having routine medical check-ups. Only two fifths (40%) consider their long-term health when making lifestyle choices, for example by trying to avoid stress. A further 46% do not exercise regularly and 44% expose themselves to harmful behaviours like drinking too much or smoking. In the UK, the majority (75%) of people associate positive words with retirement. Excerpt from Health Insurance Daily, read the full article here.

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