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23 March 2017

More and more people are seeking help for mental illness - but what happens after the first trip to the GP?   James* first sought therapy when he came home to find his flatmate dead. He had taken his own life.   Despite this deeply traumatic experience, he was reluctant to get help. He was worried he wouldn't respond well to therapy, and his view had been skewed by how therapists - who poke and prod at your life - are represented in the movies.   “I was nervous,” the 29-year-old living in London tells The Independent. “I thought the therapist would try to ‘go back’ and unpick previous trauma from my family life, something that I think I picked up from popular culture representations of therapy.”   From those struggling with the weight of depression or attempting to cope with the near-constant tension of anxiety, more and more people are seeking help for mental health issues. James is among them. Over a quarter of people in the UK have visited a therapist, compared with one in five in 2010, and depression is the fastest growing condition that GPs must deal with.   Excerpt from The Independent Online, read the full article here.  

Employee Assistance Programme

Everyday life and just balancing the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. To assist you in achieving this balance organisations put an Employee Assistance Programme in place The Assured EAP provided by Health Assured and offers a quick, confidential and highly professional way to resolve, whatever life throws at you and whenever you need it. The EAP can help support your staff with issues such as:
  • Health and well-being information
  • Stress at home or work
  • Financial issues including debt
  • Family and relationship matters
  • Consumer issues
An EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is a personal support programme that can greatly assist you and your staff to achieve a positive balance in your life. The service gives unlimited access to a range of specialist support and information including:
  • Telephone support and counselling by therapists qualified and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy [BACP]
  • Up to eight Structured Telephone Counselling (STC) counselling sessions per person, per issue, per annum
  • Up to eight face-to-face counselling sessions per person, per issue, per annum
  • Serious illness and accident support
  • One Line Health Portal
The service is completely confidential and can be accessed via a free phone number and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service is available to employees and immediate family members residing at the same address. If you have any further questions about our EAP services please do not hesitate to contact Health Assured on 0844 8922 493.

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