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19 March 2018

Offering employee support in the workplace is a move that can set businesses apart. Employers who are beginning research into workplace support providers, may be unaware of the benefits that they can bring to a business and their ability to increase wellbeing. This post will shed light onto what our services do and why our support should be utilised.

Who can we help?

Every individual will face hardships at some point in their life, and employees are no exception to this. The top five presenting issues for employees are anxiety, work-related stress, depression, relationship issues and bereavement. A person who suffers with these problems will deal with them in different ways. Without support using healthy coping methods, this can sometimes lead to a loss in productivity or trouble concentrating. In some situations, people may find it hard to communicate with those around them or they may feel as if they have no one to turn to. This is where our employee wellbeing services can really make a difference, as they offer support to those who are struggling with workplace anxiety and other mental health issues. Our services give every employee direction if they feel they need it and ensure that nobody feels alone when they need help most.

How can our services impact the workplace?

Providing high quality, well received services such as ours will help to improve the workplace environment by showing employees that they are valued and cared for outside of work. This will also build trust and encourage open communication within the team. In turn, this can help with building relationships at work and means that employees will have more friendships to help support them through their recovery. This is especially useful when learning to cope with mental wellbeing issues, such as depression, to help them feel more comfortable at work. This can also help to reduce the risk of absenteeism by ensuring that employees feel well enough to attend, and that they don’t have trouble focusing due to having other problems.

What are our results?

Our services have proved extremely successful for our clients. Over 87% of the calls we receive proceed into recovery-focused counselling, showing that our support is valued and utilised by those who need it. Subsequently, 22% of those out of work at the start of therapy are in work at the end. This highlights that the right methods of support can improve an individual’s wellbeing and give them the strength to go about their everyday life. As you can see, our services hold an incredible amount of benefits for everybody involved. To find out more about how you can implement our workplace support services, get in touch with us today. We would love to find out more about your requirements and discuss the options with you.

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