Wellbeing must become a boardroom priority

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12 July 2017

Business leaders need to be at the forefront of efforts to lift wellbeing out of the HR department and into the boardroom.

“Fundamentally, people look to leaders to determine whether this is an authentic agenda or not, and I think it’s hugely encouraging to see so many senior business leaders take this agenda seriously and talk openly about the importance to them and their business,”

“We’re seeing more senior business leaders talk about their own experiences [with mental health]. It starts to bring to life that this isn’t something that just happens to someone else, someone who is weak or not capable of performing at their best. Mental health is indiscriminate and as a consequence we should all be very well aware of the impact it can have.”

Mental Health First Aid England CEO Poppy Jaman agreed that for teams to thrive businesses need to think about establishing “health creating environments”. She argued that to be relevant organisations need to tailor their approach to appeal to different generations, who often show a marked difference in their expectations of work. Excerpt from Marketing Week, read the full article here.

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