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22 February 2022

A successful organisation put its people first. Not only because employers have a duty of care to look after their staff. But also because they know that when they support their employees, success comes with all the more ease. Employees are more engaged, present at work and happier in their roles. Absenteeism declines, stress levels drop, and as a result, productivity quickly improves. It’s a win-win.

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides support to your employees whenever they need it. Employees can access counselling services, as well as legal, financial and medical advice. Whether it’s personal problems or work-related issues, an EAP offers a safe space to talk it all through. And this can be invaluable when life’s pressures take their toll. But the benefits of an EAP service don’t stop there. Here’s why you should consider implementing this programme for your business:

Your employees will be happier and be more productive

When employees are dealing with mental health issues, financial worries or other personal problems, their regular workload can become a struggle. Concentration declines, motivation is lacking and team morale can quickly drop to an all-time low. If work pressures are high and the environment lacks support, it could even cause the problems to worsen.

When employees know they have somewhere to turn to, problems get addressed earlier, before they become a serious issue. The workplace culture, in general, becomes one of openness, with employee wellbeing at its core. The atmosphere improves, employees are happier, and productivity levels will rise.

It cuts business costs

The costs of mental health-related issues to employers is between £33bn and £42bn per year¹. Poor employee mental health drives costs due to absenteeism, increased staff turnover and reduced presenteeism. But a report from EAP UK found that for every £1.00 spent on an EAP in the UK, employers on average see a return on investment of £7.27². An EAP can reduce the length of time employees are off work with mental health-related problems. Counselling support helps employees to overcome issues and prevents further problems from occurring.

It’s a great job benefit

Staff benefits help you to recruit the best potential candidates. An EAP demonstrates that your company cares about its staff and looks after them. You can prove that your business is a happy place to work and has a high level of staff morale. This helping hand may be the deciding factor between two job offers for potential employees.

Your employees will feel valued

While you care about the safety and happiness of your employees, it may be difficult to show this to them. You may still feel like some of your employees aren’t getting the full support they need in and outside of work. Focusing on employee wellbeing with an Employee Assistance Programme shows your staff that they are a valued aspect of the organisation. When employees feel valued and respected, there are noticeable benefits in the workplace.

These are just a few of the ways an EAP service can improve your workplace, not only for your employees but for you and your business too.

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