Wellbeing is everything. A business is only as good as the people in it and if they are motivated, healthy and full of energy it’s ultimately going to be better for the business.

I remember I was on a work trip to Naples seeing a factory. I was having a conversation with the CEO, and it got to 1pm, and he said: “I’m so sorry; we will continue this conversation, but it’s lunchtime and we all have lunch together”.

It really reminded me of the importance of sitting down and sharing a meal together, so we then made it a thing that at Propercorn everyone eats lunch together. It promotes those cross-functional relationships.

There’s this idea that it’s cool to say how busy you are and we really don’t advocate that culture here.

We created lots of break-out spaces around the office so you can step away from your desk and communicate in person rather than through email when you’re literally two metres away.

Excerpt from Marketing Week, read the full article here.