World Hepatitis Day 2017 - The elimination

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26 June 2017

The elimination of viral hepatitis has now been firmly put on the map.

At the 69th World Health Assembly in Geneva, 194 governments adopted WHO’s Global Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, which includes a goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C in the next 13 years. The community responded by launching NOhep, the first ever global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. On WHD 2017, we can build on this momentum and accelerate progress towards achieving the goal of elimination by 2030. Eliminate Hepatitis is a simple call to action that everyone can get behind. Regardless of your priorities, the theme can be easily adapted for local use; to achieve elimination, greater awareness, increased diagnosis and key interventions including universal vaccination, blood and injection safety, harm reduction and treatment are all needed. Every activity that addresses viral hepatitis is a step towards eliminating it. No matter what your plans are to mark WHD, be it a rally or press briefing or testing events, they can all come under the theme of Eliminate Hepatitis.

#ShowYourFace to Eliminate Hepatitis

The elimination of viral hepatitis is not just a public health goal – it is an individual goal for millions of men, women and children across the world. Every single person could be affected by viral hepatitis and we all have a part to play to achieve elimination – so to highlight this, we’re putting a human face to elimination of viral hepatitis. To encourage people to feel empowered, personally connected and understand their role in elimination, we are bringing the Eliminate Hepatitis theme to life through the #ShowYourFace campaign. #ShowYourFace is a personalised Polaroid photo campaign focusing on individual human faces to highlight that hepatitis is relevant to everyone, everywhere in the world and that helping to eliminate it is something we can all support. Together we can all put a human face to the elimination of viral hepatitis. Individual human faces are accompanied by “I AM” statements, powerful personal messages that aim to make people feel empowered, personally connected and understand their role in elimination. “I AM” statements highlight the individual actions being taken to meet the 2030 goal or stress the emotions felt by those impacted by hepatitis to encourage others to take a stand.

Your “I AM” statement could focus on…

  • What you are doing to eliminate this deadly killer, e.g., I AM helping others, I AM contributing.
  • What you have done to help meet the 2030 goal, e.g., I AM recognised, I AM determined.
  • Encouraging others to take a stand in the fight against hepatitis, e.g., I AM strong, I AM free.

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