World Suicide Prevention Day

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02 September 2015

September 10th is home to world suicide prevention day. The World Health Organisation estimates that about one million people around the world die by suicide every year.

There are people all over the world who feel so low that suicide seems like the only way out. But there is always another way and you could start helping now just by talking to someone who you know might need cheering up. There are endless ways you can make a difference. This day is all about breaking down the barriers between people and nations and working together - so there are no barriers to how you help either! Suicide is devastating for families, friends and community members who are left behind. They may experience a whole range of emotions, including grief, anger, guilt, disbelief and self-blame. They may not feel that they can share these overwhelming feelings with anyone else. Therefore, reaching out to those who have lost someone to suicide is very important. You could organise exhibitions, fairs, memorials walks or ceremonies, to remember those who have lost their lives so tragically. Other options include writing articles, speaking on radio interviews or even just distributing some leaflets!

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