Young men ‘self-harming to cope with stress’

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02 March 2017

Many drink heavily and over-exercise   Men aged 16 to 24 years-old are self-harming as a way of coping with a difficult situation or emotion.   A YouGov survey commissioned by three youth charities found 24% have self-harmed and 22% have considered it.   In addition, young men who feel under pressure or stress would be likely to drink heavily (21%), punch walls (19%) and control their eating (16%) as ways to cope.   Over-exercising (12%), pulling hair (11%) and taking illegal drugs (10%) were also been mentioned as ways of dealing with pressure or stress.   Depression, anxiety and stress were all mentioned as causes of self-harm in young men.   Excerpt from Health Insurance Daily, read the full article here.   Mental Health (Anxiety) Support from Health Assured Presenting issues related to ‘Mental health’ account for around 35% of contacts into our services, making this the most common reason that individuals seek support.   Our counsellors have vast experience in supporting individuals who are suffering with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress. They recognise the impacts that such conditions can have in areas of an individual’s personal, social and work life, and the importance of improving their wellbeing in order that they can flourish.   We have demonstrable experience in supporting individuals experiencing presenting issues related to ‘Mental health’. Across our portfolio of clients, we see the following positive impacts of our counselling support for such presenting issues:
  • 57% reduction in levels of anxiety.
  • 59% reduction in depression levels.
  • 36% reduction in those out of work at the end of therapy.

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