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Small Business EAP

A leading EAP solution to support small businesses

Drive success for your small business clients through 
employee wellness

At Health Assured, we are the most trusted Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) for small businesses.

Our EAP solution guides employees through the complexities of work-life balance: a crucial factor for maintaining success in today's competitive landscape. With a suite of award-winning EAP services, we cater to the ever-changing needs of SMEs and their teams, ensuring relevance both now and in the future.

Join our Health Assured Partnership Programme to start selling the UK’s #1 EAP wellbeing services to small businesses. Enrich your offerings and strengthen client relationships, by helping your clients to nurture a happy, motivated workforce.

Discover how Health Assured can amplify the success of both you and SME clients.

At Health Assured, we are the most trusted Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) for small businesses. thumbnail
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A partnership programme that pays dividends for you and your small business clients

+4.6% Employee engagement rate

45% Cost savings from absences

45% Cost savings from absences

75.3 Average NPS score

Our EAP services for small businesses in detail

Access our exclusive wellbeing app

Our Wisdom app is the perfect solution for on-the-go wellness tracking, crucial for sustaining the productivity of small teams. Employees can effortlessly monitor vital wellness indicators like sleep, steps and activity levels. These real-time insights help to foster motivation and build camaraderie among employees.

Receive free counselling sessions

Through our counselling services, each employee receives up to 12 sessions annually. Our in-house counsellors guarantee a safe space for individuals to gain self-understanding and navigate challenges effectively.

This service is key for small businesses, cultivating a supportive environment where employees can address both work-related stresses and personal challenges.

Wisdom App
Join cognitive behavioural therapy and trauma recovery courses

Employees have the opportunity to enrol in digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trauma recovery courses via leading platforms. One of these CBT courses specifically aids users in managing menopause. By offering such courses, SMEs can support their employees through significant life transitions.

Why small businesses need our employee assistance programme (EAP)

Small Business Employee Wellbeing
Competing with giants

Health Assured EAP changes the game for small businesses.  Our service offers a strategic advantage for recruitment. We enable SMEs to compete with bigger organisations when it comes to hiring and retaining the best talent.

By offering Health Assured, you can help your SME clients to showcase a commitment to mental health and wellbeing.

Small Business Wellbeing for Staff
Prioritising relationships

We know that small businesses thrive on personal connections and quality relationships. Our EAP aligns seamlessly with this ethos, emphasising care and support for each team member.

Prioritising employee wellbeing allows SMEs to reinforce their commitment to quality and intimacy. Health Assured creates 
a nurturing environment where each individual matters.

EAP for Small Business
Cost-effective support

Health Assured EAP represents significant savings compared 
to traditional corporate health insurance policies.

Our tailored support system provides top-tier assistance without compromising quality. As a result, our EAP is a strategic investment that safeguards the wellbeing of small teams without imposing the financial burden.

EAP for Small Businesses
Maximising performance

In a small team, every absence makes an impact. Sick leave or downtime can disrupt the entire workflow for SMEs.

Health Assured EAP ensures that team members receive timely support. This approach minimises interruptions and maximises productivity.

Choose your intermediary path

We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

EAP Partnership Programme

Health Insurance Broker

HR Consultants EAP Partnership

HR Consultant

Occupational Health Wellbeing for employees

Occupational Health Provider

“We have worked with Health Assured for several years now and have placed many clients with them, which we continue to receive positive feedback from. Health Assured are leaders in the EAP market and continue to provide excellent support to employees.”

William Roberts

Acting EAP Account Manager, Enlighten

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