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People who enjoy their job are far more productive and engaged than those who don’t. Engaged employees will contribute more and help organisations flourish.

You can improve this with workplace wellbeing initiatives, but it can be daunting to implement if you have little experience here.

This often leads to wellbeing programmes being put to the side repeatedly. Having the business losing out on the enormous benefits.

This is where a wellbeing consultant comes in. Having a little help will ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits that workplace health brings.

Improve productivity and employee retention with our wellbeing services.

What is a health and wellbeing consultant?

An employee wellbeing consultant is a business partner who helps with wellbeing and health promotion in the workplace. 

With long hours and the general stresses of life mounting up, employee physical, financial and mental health at work has never been more under the spotlight within organisations. So having a strategy is essential.

Consultants help take pressure off senior management, who may not specialise in this area, to create wellbeing strategy. Allowing them to focus on areas where they can provide more value

How can a consultant help?

We partner with you to create and implement a wellbeing strategy that fits your organisation’s culture and addresses your employees’ unique needs. 

Through health and wellbeing training by our consultants, we can help with the development and delivery of your strategy. Ensuring your employee’s health and wellbeing improves.

We’ll help you promote a positive workplace culture, increasing employee health and wellbeing. Ensuring you have a working environment that is optimum for employees and employers alike.

What are some wellbeing benefits?

Having a corporate wellbeing consultant can help improve wellbeing at work. This can then lead to several powerful benefits for your company, such as:

  • Reduced sickness absence: when you take proactive steps to head off mental health issues, you reduce stress. People are happier. And burnout is a thing of the past.
  • Better morale: as the EAP improves health, you’ll quickly begin to see better moods and more team cohesion.
  • Great reputation: an employer who cares for their people is far more likely to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Increased employee engagement: engaged employees care and are more likely to contribute to organisational success.
  • Increased productivity: poor wellbeing causes employees to worry and be distracted. Employees who are in a good place turn up to work ready to go.

Better wellbeing, better business success

The annual cost of mental health to employers is staggering. Deloitte found that workplace mental health initiatives alone provide a return on investment of 5:1 on average.

So if you attempt to boost individual mental wellbeing, how much would it save per employee, per year?

  • Public sector: as much as £1,878
  • Private sector: as much as £1,481

To see how much your organisation could save, speak with one of our mental health at work experts today.

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