Active Care: Day 1 intervention for anxiety and stress 

The unique Active Care service from Health Assured provides effective intervention on the very first day you receive a ‘fit note’ from your employee for anxiety and stress. Active Care ensures a far higher degree of pro-activity and engagement with the employee during their absence.

The service provides the employee with guidance on where to obtain information and advice from relevant support mechanisms available through Health Assured's counselling and support services.

What happens during an Active Care call?

  • An experienced clinician will contact the employee via telephone or secure web conferencing facility, gain further verbal consent and undertake a maximum 30 minute structured and supportive consultation
  • The clinician will engage with the individual in a supportive and impartial manner to obtain an understanding of their specific needs, ascertain triggers and treatment already prescribed, and offer recommendations for treatment Additional resources and further supporting mechanisms will be discussed and signposted appropriately
  • In the case of work-related stress, we will obtain an understanding of the issues and identify any barriers preventing a return to work
  • A written report will be supplied by email to the employer based on the telephone consultation within four working days, subject to employee consent being supplied to Health Assured from the employee to release this report
  • Should you require any further support in regards to the case, Health Assured will be on hand to calm any concerns.


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