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Ad hoc occupational health services


Summary of Ad-hoc Occupational Health Assessments

Health Assured offers a wide range of Occupational Health services which can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Absenteeism costs the UK economy billions per year. So, we fully understand that employers require timely and worthwhile advice when dealing with staff absences.

We work together with our clients to deliver a comprehensive approach, offering support and guidance for both employers and their employees in connection with a variety of workplace issues.

Our special team of clinicians will assess an employee’s ability to work due to health or disability reasons and provide a clear written report to help the employer manage the case.

We can also advise on suitable return-to-work dates and which jobs those affected could safely carry out. It may be that your employees need rehabilitation on their return to work or adjustments made to be able to perform their roles efficiently.


Services available include:

  • Management Referrals
    • Health Advisors (OHA)
    • Occupational Health Physicians (OHP)
  • Pre-employment questionnaires
  • Night worker questionnaire
  • Ill-health retirement
  • HAVS assessments
  • Work health assessments
  • Physiotherapy


Summary of service

A health assessment tends to be a confidential conversation between an employee and a health professional, the aim of which is to develop a medical opinion on an employee’s ability to work. The health assessment service from Health Assured provides a rehabilitation programme to assist employees in returning to work. A clear, concise and unambiguous report will be provided, with access to employment law advice and managerial support.

We understand employers want quick turnaround and quality reporting when dealing with staff absence. We understand the time and quality of reporting along with general service provision is a key issue within the Occupational Health arena.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Take a Health Assured survey and we will send you all of the documents via email, along with an ‘Advice for the Manager’ and ‘Guidance for the Employee’ document. Finally, we will keep you updated at every stage of the process.

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