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Care Sector Wellbeing for Staff

Offer crucial support to
care professionals with our industry-leading EAP

Strengthen mental health and resilience across the care 
sector by introducing our proven wellbeing services

Our dedicated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) addresses the specific challenges faced 
by care professionals.

Despite the demanding nature of their work, investment in staff wellbeing within the care sector is lacking. We recognise the importance of supporting these individuals who play a crucial role in society.

Explore the market-leading health and wellbeing services we offer to employees across the care sector.

Our dedicated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) addresses the specific challenges faced 
by care professionals. thumbnail
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Healthcare industry EAP

EAPs are essential in the healthcare industry. Here’s why:

Healthcare workers spend prolonged hours in immensely stressful environments, often lacking adequate support for their own wellbeing.

The intense pressure and emotional toll of intricate patient care contribute to heightened stress and burnout. These challenges significantly impact job satisfaction and performance.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) serve as essential support systems in the healthcare sector. Employees can access personalised guidance, counselling, and wellbeing resources. By nurturing mental health, healthcare institutions can show an appreciation for their employees, fostering a happy and supportive environment. These efforts are pivotal in reducing employee turnover.

Our tailored EAP services for care professionals and emergency responders

We offer leading tools to enhance the wellbeing of carers, doctors, emergency responders, and other care professionals. Here are some of our EAP services your clients and their employees can benefit from.

24/7 helpline support care sector

24/7 confidential helpline support

Care professionals often face inadequate access to specialised wellbeing support that caters to their unique needs and challenges. 

Our instant-access EAP addresses this gap by offering a confidential helpline staffed with qualified counsellors. This service is available round the clock, providing assistance at 
any hour, accommodating irregular shifts.

care sector health trackers

On-the-go health trackers

Long hours and the demanding nature of the care sector make it challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our online wellness trackers support key workers in sustaining a healthy lifestyle by monitoring sleep, activity levels, and more.

Providing real-time insights into their health patterns empowers employees to prioritise self-care alongside their care for others. In turn, healthcare professionals can make necessary adjustments to their routines for a more balanced lifestyle.

wellness resources for staff in the care sector

Instant access to wellness resources

High-pressure situations, critical decision-making, and dealing with emergencies contribute to elevated stress levels. Our range of wellness resources serve as a helpful companion during challenging times.

Our library features workout videos, guided meditations, and additional materials that encourage care professionals to pause and take breaks. As a result, your clients' employees can return feeling revitalised and more resilient.

Explore our positive impact on supporting care professionals

When care professionals feel supported, their morale and performance improve, directly benefiting patient care outcomes. Hear one of our partners share the positive impact of our award-winning EAP:

“The service has been extremely well received by our staff. We were given support from day 1, which has been very helpful. Feedback from our staff is consistently positive and offers our employees a quick way to get information on a wide range of concerns (legal, financial, etc), thus reducing stresses upon them.”

Ceri Bryant

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service Manager, Welsh Ambulance Service Trust

Choose your intermediary path

We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

EAP Partnership Programme

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Occupational Health Wellbeing for employees

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Market-leading services customised for you, your care clients and their employees

Partner with us to empower your clients to offer the best EAP services to those who make a difference everyday. Get personalised support and unlock rewards for helping employees navigate the high stress levels prevalent in the healthcare field.

hybrid working wellbeing

A partnership programme that pays dividends for you, your clients, and their members

45% Cost savings from absences

+4.6% Employee engagement rate

56% Reduction in anxiety or low mood

19% Reduction in workplace distress

Awards, accreditations and memberships held by Health Assured

Our industry awards and accreditations highlight our steadfast dedication to excellence within the healthcare sector and beyond. Explore a selection of the badges we've proudly earned over the years.

stonewall diversity champion
The workplace wellbeing charter
Living Wage Employer
UKAS management system

Introduce our award-winning EAP 
to your clients in four-step process

Introducing your care clients to Health Assured is a straightforward process. Here's a breakdown of how our client onboarding process works:

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to your clients in four-step process thumbnail
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