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Education Sector Mental Wellbeing

Support educational institutions and their staff
with our award-winning EAP

Provide our acclaimed wellbeing tools and resources tailored for teachers to effectively manage stress

Our leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers invaluable support tailored for teachers and staff in the education sector.

Teaching ranks among the top 10 most stressful professions in the UK.

That’s why we design our award-winning EAP services to promote staff wellbeing 
in schools and other educational institutions.

Our leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers invaluable support tailored for teachers and staff in the education sector. thumbnail
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why educational organisations need an EAP

Here’s why educational organisations need an EAP

EAPs are essential in education, providing personalised support to help staff manage the challenges they face in their roles.

The demanding nature, including heavy workloads, student behavioural issues, and resource constraints result in stress, burnout and emotional exhaustion.

EAPs provide essential services such as counselling, stress management strategies, and resources for achieving a better work-life balance. These provisions empower teachers to sustain their wellbeing. Ultimately, enhanced wellbeing significantly influences teaching quality, decreases turnover rates, and cultivates a more vibrant and resilient educational community.

Our EAP services tailored for education professionals

We offer the best tools to enhance wellbeing for teachers, administrators, and support staff within the education sector. Here’s just a few of our EAP services your clients can benefit from.

education sector 24/7 helpline

Unlimited access to our 24/7 helpline

Teachers frequently face limited access to mental health support when dealing with stress, anxiety, and other challenges. Our EAP fills this void by offering a 24/7 helpline staffed with our in-house counsellors. These specialists are skilled in handling both personal and work-related difficulties.

Additionally, we recognise the prevalent issue of underpayment among education professionals. As such, our counsellors extend their support by offering guidance on financial and debt-related matters.

Real time wellness trackers for the education sector

Real-time wellness trackers

Lack of peer support or an organisational culture that deprioritises teacher wellbeing can impact mental and emotional health. Our online wellness trackers encourage education professionals to sustain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring sleep, activity levels and more.

When used collectively within an educational institution, these trackers foster a sense of unity among the staff. As such, colleagues can offer mutual support, uplifting morale, and nurturing a healthier work environment together.

On demand wellbeing resources Health Assured

On-demand wellbeing resources

High workloads, long hours, and the pressure to meet curriculum demands can lead to stress and burnout. Our collection of wellbeing resources acts as a supportive guide through tough situations.

Featuring workout videos and guided meditations, our platform actively prompts educators to take time out within their busy schedules.

Discover how we’ve helped employees working within educational organisations

Our employee assistance programme for schools contributes to higher job satisfaction among teachers and other staff within the sector. Hear from just one of the educational organisations our programme has positively impacted.

“A great addition to our wellbeing offer. Now that students are so used to gaining information on their phones, they can access information advice and guidance around mental health and wellbeing but also most importantly have 24/7 access to trained counsellors and wellbeing practitioners.”

Natalie Adams

Wellbeing Lead, Kirklees College

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We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

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Partner with us to extend our renowned EAP to the workers within your charity clients’ organisations. Access personalised support, while benefiting from our generous commission structure for providing invaluable services to the third sector.

EAP for the education sector

A partnership programme that yields benefits for you, your clients, and their teams

7 Industry awards

97% Client renewals

56% Reduction in anxiety or low mood

19% Reduction in workplace distress

Discover our array of awards, accreditations and memberships

Over the years, we've achieved industry-leading awards and accreditations, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence in the education sector and beyond.

stonewall diversity champion
The workplace wellbeing charter
Living Wage Employer
UKAS management system

Fast track your educational clients onto our EAP through our four-step process

Our onboarding process empowers your educational clients to offer our wellbeing services to their staff in four simple steps. Here's a glimpse into our onboarding process:

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Teaching organisations that rely on our services…

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