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Professional Services Wellbeing for Employees

Present our award-winning EAP to your Professional Services network

Empower lawyers and accountants to navigate daily pressures with our trusted wellbeing services

Our specialised Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers crucial support to professionals in high-pressure fields like law and accounting.

Despite the immense pressures these individuals face, there's a lack of focus on their wellbeing. We understand the significance of backing these professionals who contribute significantly to economic growth and development.

Explore the unparalleled health and wellbeing support we offer to employees across the professional services sector.

Our specialised Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers crucial support to professionals in high-pressure fields like law and accounting. thumbnail
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Why EAP solutions are essential in the service sector

EAP service for the law and accountancy sector

Professionals in law, accounting, consultancy and related fields face immense pressure.

Professionals in law, accounting, consultancy and related fields face immense pressure.

These pressures include handling sensitive information, complex problem-solving, and maintaining strict ethical standards. Consequently, employees grapple with high-stakes decision-making and emotional strain, significantly impacting their mental health. 

EAPs specifically target these stressors, offering focused support to promote the wellbeing of employees in these demanding positions. When firms implement EAPs, they foster a resilient workforce, ensuring sustained excellence and high-quality service delivery.

Our instant-access EAP services designed for employees in the professional services sector

Our on-demand wellbeing tools assist professional service employees in navigating both personal and work-related stressors. Explore some of our EAP services that can benefit your clients and their employees.

wellbeing solutions for professionals

Life and leadership coaching support

The professional services industry often has high performance expectations, leading to stress and anxiety to constantly deliver exceptional results and progress. That’s why we offer life and leadership coaching support for professionals in this sector.

These courses provide personalised guidance, fostering personal growth and refining leadership abilities in a sustainable manner. This support empowers individuals to navigate high-pressure environments, striking a balance between professional success and personal wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programme for professionals

Real-time health and wellbeing insights

Many professional service firms operate on a billable hours model. Employees often feel pressured to maximise their billable hours, leading to extended work hours and reduced breaks. As a result, employees find themselves sacrificing personal time and wellbeing.

Our online wellness trackers support employees in sustaining a healthy lifestyle by monitoring sleep, activity levels, and more. Reminders to take breaks or move around combat the sedentary nature of desk jobs, reducing health issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Wellbeing services for professionals

Instant answers to common health and wellness queries

Lawyers and accountants, often overwhelmed by heavy workloads, find it challenging to prioritise their health needs. Seeking support in professional settings is uncommon and employees may find it time-consuming to seek professional support.

Our Wisdom AI feature offers quick answers to common health queries, perfect for busy professionals seeking immediate guidance. Instead of browsing through websites, our tool provides insights from experienced counsellors, saving users time and effort.

Don’t just take our word for it

This is just one reason why clients in the professional services sector choose Health Assured.

“One year on, we are really pleased with the breadth of service that Health Assured have to offer, and we feel that our EAP is well embedded with positive feedback from our colleagues. The offering is now well known and utilised amongst all colleagues and managers are naturally sign posting their team members to the EAP. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the relationship that we have with Health Assured.”

Clare Riley

Head of HR Operations West Bromwich Building Society

Choose your intermediary path

We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

EAP Partnership Programme

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Occupational Health Wellbeing for employees

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Industry-leading services tailored to you, professional service firms and their employees

Join our verified partner programme to offer our market-leading EAP to your professional service clients and their employees. Benefit from tailored support from our experts proficient across all professional services. By joining, you'll support key industry professionals and earn rewards in the process.

EAP solutions for professionals

A partnership programme that yields benefits for you, your clients, and their teams

75.3 Average NPS score

45% Cost savings from absences

97% Client renewals

26.8 Sick day reduction

The awards, accreditations and memberships held by Health Assured

We're proud members of prestigious associations and boast a collection of awards, accreditations, 
and memberships. These highlight our commitment to excellence and our dedication to exceeding 
industry standards.

stonewall diversity champion
The workplace wellbeing charter
Living Wage Employer
UKAS management system

Onboard your clients in four simple steps

Introducing your professional service clients and their employees to Health Assured is a straightforward process. Take a look at how our client onboarding process works:

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