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Introduce our trusted EAP for sports pros and clubs,
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At Health Assured, we provide the most trusted Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) tailored for the sports and recreation sector.

We recognise the distinct challenges that sports clubs encounter while supporting their teams and communities.

Our EAP tackles these challenges head-on, supporting peak performance amidst rigorous schedules. In turn, sports clubs can nurture a supportive environment for both players and staff members alike.

At Health Assured, we provide the most trusted Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) tailored for the sports and recreation sector. thumbnail
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Employee Assistance Programmes Sports Sector

Employee Assistance Programmes are essential in the sports sector. Here’s why:

EAPs play a crucial role in the sports sector due to the myriad challenges encountered both on and off the field. Sports clubs navigate intense pressures, from meeting performance expectations to addressing medical emergencies.

EAPs offer tailored resources for managing routine stress and responding to critical incidents, supporting athletes and staff alike. By prioritising mental and emotional wellbeing, EAPs contribute significantly to the overall health and resilience of those in the sports sector. Improved mental health translates to better performance, fostering a culture where athletes and staff can thrive.

An insight into our wellbeing services for sports and recreation communities

Promote health and wellbeing in sports by providing your clients and their teams with our leading EAP services. Here’s just a few of the services your clients can benefit from.

Digital trauma courses

Digital trauma courses

Our digital trauma courses help players understand, manage, and provide support for those affected by trauma. Enrolling in these courses supports individuals in navigating and overcoming distressing events that occur within stadium settings.

This support actively cultivates a mentally resilient sports community, promoting overall wellbeing and expediting recovery from unforeseen incidents.

Daily Wellness Tracker

Daily activity and wellness trackers

Our online wellness trackers help teams stay focused on their goals. Members can monitor their sleep, activity levels and more, ensuring they’re at the top of their game, both on and off the field.

When used collectively by a team, these trackers promote a sense of unity. In turn, teammates can motivate each other towards common fitness and wellness goals.

Wellbeing Instant Access

Instant access to expert resources

Our carefully curated content caters to the diverse needs within the dynamic sports and recreation community. Offering various workouts and guided meditations, we support athletic pursuits and leisure activities alike.

Accessible anywhere, any time, these resources provide continuous support for your sports and recreation clients, irrespective location or time limitations.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s just one of the reasons why memberships and associations choose Health Assured 
as their EAP provider.

“With the increasing importance of Mental Health and counselling to help employees get on with their lives and their careers, Health Assured have been Equipsme’s trusted EAP partner for more than five years during which we have enjoyed great service to our members and proactive relationship management support.”

Andy Santoni

Commerical Director, Equipsme

Choose your intermediary path

We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

EAP Partnership Programme

Health Insurance Broker

HR Consultants EAP Partnership

HR Consultant

Occupational Health Wellbeing for employees

Occupational Health Provider

A partnership programme that 
pays dividends for you, your clients, and their members

Partner with us to offer our acclaimed EAP to your sports and recreation clients. Benefit from a generous commission structure and more, while our team takes care of your marketing and sales efforts.

hybrid working wellbeing

A partnership programme that yields benefits for you, your clients, and their teams

+4.6% Employee engagement rate

56% Reduction in anxiety or low mood

45% Cost savings from absences

30% Highest partner payout

Take a look at our awards, accreditations and memberships

We take pride in being active members of several prestigious associations. Discover our collection of awards, accreditations, and memberships, showcasing our dedication to excellence and upholding industry standards.

stonewall diversity champion
The workplace wellbeing charter
Living Wage Employer
UKAS management system

Onboarding your sports and recreation clients couldn’t be easier with Health Assured

Enjoy a simplified, four-step onboarding journey with Health Assured tailored for the sports and recreation industry. Our process guarantees a smooth experience, enabling your clients and their teams to promptly access our top-tier services. Here’s how our onboarding process works, at a glance:

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