How to be 'Sunday Times Best Place to Work' worthy

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Health Assured team

06 June 2023

When The Sunday Times listed Health Assured as one of the top places to work 2023, we were proud to achieve a milestone award that celebrates companies with consistently high levels of employee wellbeing.

But what shapes the culture of a company that wins an award for something that honours employee wellbeing? And how can you apply these insights to your own organisation?

Here’s how to be ‘Times Best Place to Work’ worthy by implementing some small but impactful changes in your workplace.

Communication and Consistency

The way people approach mental health and wellbeing is changing. What was once seen as ‘taboo’ has become a perfectly normal thing to discuss in our everyday lives, friendships, and even in the workplace.

Consistent check-ins, or team meetings that encourage open discussions reduce those barriers. If you make these open forums a regular thing, the culture of your workplace can improve drastically.

Common Ground and Compassion

There’s an outdated notion of the ‘heartless’ employer, and the put-upon employee. But this old-school view of company cultures creates a troubling gap. YouGov recently reported that half of the UK workforce has taken time off for mental health reasons but hidden it from their employer.

It’s only through communication and compassion that we can close this gap. From imposter syndrome in the workplace to problems at home, everyone has their share of burdens. A little understanding can create trust and openness in your workplace relationships to reduce these absences.

Appreciation and Leading by Example

On a bad day, work can feel like a thankless void. Sometimes, all it takes is a small show of appreciation when someone goes above and beyond in the workplace. Motivation is contagious, and people who feel valued are far more likely to remain positive and productive on a busy workday.

This all starts at the top. Leadership is more than barking orders. It’s also about setting the example for others to follow. An acknowledgment of a job well done sets the tone for how your organisation communicates.

Wellbeing and a Clear Direction

With a foundation of consistency, trust, and support firmly in place and growing stronger, it’s time to harness this energy and channel it into your overall company goals.

50% of workers in Britain have admitted to feeling “very or fairly” stressed in their place of work. Imagine the potential productivity at your disposal if these employees were supported and motivated.

Understanding True Worth

The true worth of an organisation can live or die by the people who shape its everyday operations. Any company can say that it values its employees, but, perhaps more than ever before, it’s the actions your organisation takes to prove it that defines success.

In return, you’ll be rewarded with a motivated team of people who feel valued, appreciated, and loyal to their place of work. And once that level of trust has been achieved, there’s nothing stopping you from finding yourselves in that list of organisations people are proud to be an integral part of.

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