An Insight into Face-To-Face Counselling for Staff

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Health Assured team

27 March 2018

It can be extremely difficult for employees to balance workplace pressures with issues they face in their personal life, especially if they do not have the correct guidance to help them through this. Here at Health Assured, we offer support to employees in the form of face-to-face counselling. This refers to a trained expert sitting down with an individual in a confidential setting to talk with them and advise over any problems they may be having. This type of counselling is extremely effective as it offers a personalised service, while remaining completely confidential. We believe that one of the main benefits of counselling is that it provides the perfect opportunity for an individual to develop a personal relationship with someone outside of their workplace, making it easier to build trust and discuss any issues they are facing. If you are considering implementing support services like this at your business,  but want to know more, read on for an insight into our face-to-face counselling service:

Who provides the counselling?

Our counselling services are provided by our fully trained therapists, who have delivered a minimum of 450 hours of counselling guided by a qualified tutor. Every one of our counsellors have undertaken a practice counselling placement for at least one year, to ensure they are of the highest calibre prior to qualification. This means that our professionals are all extremely experienced when dealing with stress-related absence and workplace wellbeing, especially with keeping employees in work during their therapy.

Benefits of counselling in the workplace

Face-to-face support offers a stronger understanding of the individual’s situation as it will give our counsellor the chance to develop a deeper relationship with the employee. This counselling is provided in private consulting rooms which offer a confidential, calming environment and means that the individual does not have to worry about being overheard or judged. Having a one-to-one meeting with our trained therapist will allow them to read the individual’s body language, which can at times help them to more clearly understand their thoughts and feelings. This also ensures that any complex emotions are picked up, and no important details remain unnoticed. A face-to-face employee counselling service is also extremely effective when dealing with sensitive issues, as it means any misunderstandings can be cleared up immediately. Meetings like this can be more informal due to their intimate nature.

What are the results?

Our counselling services have proven to be extremely successful, with 40% of those out of work at the start of our therapy returning to work by the end of their sessions. Along with this, these individuals reported that life satisfaction was increased by 39%, and workplace distress was reduced by 17%. This shows that our counselling services can positively impact a person’s life. Face-to-face counselling also invites the opportunity for group sessions in the case of a critical incident where more than one employee is affected by a traumatic event, meaning our critical incident stress management (CISM) services could be successfully employed.   If our face-to-face counselling sessions do not suit an individual, we can also provide telephone counselling as a method of instant access and guidance from our trained experts. If our services sound like they could benefit your business, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us to take the next step in improving your corporate wellbeing.

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