International Women's Day 2024

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16 February 2024

International Women’s Day celebrates women, and their achievements, and inspires others to support better gender equality, regardless of division, bias, or discrimination.

Inspired by the universal suffrage movement, International Women’s Day aims to raise awareness for the women’s movement, gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence against women. The day is a call to action for all to understand and remember the challenges and struggles women have faced throughout history and how they have shaped our world for the better.

Celebrated on the 8th of March annually, the day shines a spotlight on the progression of iconic women of the past, to inspire present and future people, to gain gender equality and better living and working standards for women across the globe.

In 2024, the theme is #InspireInclusion which aims to inspire others to include women in all spaces.

Whilst it is important to celebrate women’s achievements on International Women’s Day, it is vital that we keep the same momentum and celebration throughout the year to educate and drive the women’s movement forward for gender equality.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission stated, ‘Across Britain, men are almost twice as likely to be a manager, director, or senior official that women,’- clearly, there is still work to be done.


Women have always been a vital power and force in the world

Polish physicist and chemist, Marie Curie, discovered radium and polonium, opening new fields in medicine, science, and engineering. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in protest of the civil rights movement in America. In the face of adversity, Princess Diana raised significant and crucial awareness for those affected by landmines, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS against a mountain of public scrutiny.

Emmeline Pankhurst was a founding member of arguably one of the most influential movements in women’s history, the suffragettes. Frida Kahlo broke all social conventions and showed her defiance in women adapting to suit the oppressive, androcentric world of the early 1900s.

All these women have shown courage, and through that bravery they have changed the world for the better, all whilst coming up against systemic prejudices and discrimination against women - that is something to truly celebrate.


How can organisations celebrate International Women’s Day?

  1. Fundraise within your workplace

A good way to show your organisation’s solidarity is to donate to women-specific charities that actively support the women’s movement and help underprivileged women.

Encourage your people to donate in fun ways through raffles, fundraisers, or interactive quizzes.  Ask your professional females if they would like to take the lead on organising the fundraiser and ask everyone to send suggestions for female charities that are close to their heart.

  1. Do more for the female community in the workplace

Encourage your people to do more for the female community through training and education. Set up a dedicated day (or just an hour) to talk about International Women’s Day and the importance of supporting female empowerment. Signpost to female written literature put up posters with inspirational quotes from iconic women who have contributed to the women’s movement and leave information around the office about female support and charities.

The official International Women’s Day website offers comprehensive and informative resources that provide good ways to support the female community in the workplace, such as the Free IWD 2024 Planning Toolkit.

  1. Demonstrate your continued commitment to gender equality

Displaying gender equality within your organisation is imperative for your people and your organisation. A good way of showing your commitment to gender equality is through your hire culture and inclusive ethos expectations.

Improve interviewing techniques to spot potential prospects who have good inclusive values. Once you have hired your inclusive new starter, express your inclusion and diversity expectations clearly. Offer more leadership roles to your high-performing women and incentivize these roles with appropriate pay that matches with male counterparts.

  1. Decorate the office

Decorate the office in honour of International Women’s Day, hang engaging posters in the office with quotes from inspirational women, provide engaging literature from female writers, display artwork from women artists, and encourage everyone to wear International Women’s Day colours (purple, green, or white).

  1. Share your support on socials

Social media is essential for all organisations in this day and age, regardless of whether you use them in your personal life.

Promote support for the women’s movement and International Women’s Day on social media to share awareness with your network. Create fun and helpful posts, stories, and highlights that deliver engaging interesting information and signposts to charities that support the women’s movement.


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