Music for the mind: Health Assured Spotify launch

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03 March 2022

A world without music? We just can’t imagine it. There’s something about the tones and melodies of our favourite tunes that speak to us on an emotional level—beyond words. Music has the power to elevate, soothe, boost moods, and get the body moving. And that’s something that money can’t buy. 

Music holds memories too. It takes us back to different places and times in a heartbeat. There’s something special about how familiar combinations of notes, rhythms and vocals can remind us of people, places, and moments.  

Music is a celebration that brings people together despite differences. It's woven into our culture from weddings and birthdays to concerts and festivals—and it’s one of life’s greatest joys

Many of us recognise music’s capability to transform our mood, get us through a workout or help us drift off to a restful sleep at night. And new research is now beginning to emerge that shows music has benefits for our mental health too. So it’s for this reason that we’re launching Health Assured Spotify this month! 

You can find the details of our Spotify launch below. But before we dive into that, let's shed some light on the mental health benefits music can bring. 

The mental health benefits of music 

Most of us will have experienced that magical moment. We're feeling a little low. Things might not have gone as planned. You're low on energy and in need of a little pick me up. Then, you put on our favourite song, and you feel a shift, a smile, a lightness.

And it's not just happy emotions. Music can help us process difficult emotions too. But is there more to this healing process that meets the eye? We took to the research to find out... 

Supports brain health 

Research from the Global Council on Brain Health shows that music is a powerful stimulator of the brain. Findings echoed a link between listening to or making music and improved overall health, brain health and cognitive function.

The study recommends incorporating music into your life to improve wellbeing. They found that new music, in particular, stimulates the brain with unfamiliar melodies, and this releases dopamine as you get used to hearing them. 

A happy boost  

Studies have also shown music to increase what is sometimes known as the 'happy hormone' dopamine. Dopamine contributes to feelings of happiness, pleasure, focus and motivation. The neurochemical is typically released in response to stimuli like food or money. But research is now showing that music could contribute to the release of these chemicals too. 

Relieves stress 

Everyone has different tolerances and reactions to stress. But one thing’s for sure, we all have our limits. Stress-busting techniques help us swim steadily with the flow of our lives and prevent us from tiresome states of burnout. And as it turns out, listening to music can also act as a powerful antidote to stress in times of need. Studies show that music can regulate cortisol levels in the body, aiding stress and anxiety reduction. 

Music therapy 

Music therapy is now provided as a successful treatment for those suffering from mental health conditions like bipolar, depression and schizophrenia. More research is showcasing how actively listening to and playing music can relieve the symptoms of these distressing conditions. The results of these studies also show that music can act as a powerful tool for processing trauma, emotions and experiences. 

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