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Occupational Health Wellbeing for employees

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Keep the workplace thriving with a tried-and-tested 
employee wellbeing programme

Join our Verified Partner Programme and supplement your occupational health provisions with our award-winning Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Be the driving force behind workplace continuity and employee satisfaction by integrating Health Assured EAP into your offerings.

Advance through our Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers in our partner programme and unlock substantial rewards. Enjoy increased commission rates as you protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of your clients’ employees.

Explore how our partner programme sustains a thriving workplace and serves as the cornerstone of occupational health success.

Join our Verified Partner Programme and supplement your occupational health provisions with our award-winning Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). thumbnail
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About Health Assured

Health Assured is the leading independent and acclaimed EAP provider in the UK and Ireland. Our mission is to cultivate a resilient workforce for the future. With our on-demand services, your clients can maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

We impact 13 million lives across the UK

We run our UKI-based service 24/7 every day of the year

We have a network of over 2,000 counsellors in the UK

We facilitate growth assisted by our team of 200 ROI advisors

Why should you join our partner programme?

Dedicated account management with our sector experts

Benefit from personalised account management from an industry expert acquainted with the occupational health field. This customised support helps you to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

Bespoke set up and partner plan for a seamless onboarding process

Gain a bespoke setup and partner plan, making client promotion and onboarding simpler. This approach will allow you to introduce our services to clients with ease and start earning commission quickly.

Nurture and engagement communication for your clients

Elevate EAP engagement and satisfaction among your clients' employees with assistance from our team, expertly communicating the benefits and best practices.

Award-winning service and round-the-clock advisors

Build trust and satisfaction between you and your clients with our exceptional customer service. 
With our EAP, your clients enjoy continuous, uninterrupted support from our advisors, ensuring a reliable and high-quality service offering.

Advantages of offering our award-winning EAP to your occupational health clients

Health Assured
Enhanced occupational health services

Grow your current offerings with our market-leading wellbeing services that extend beyond routine health and safety services.

Our EAP significantly improves the overall health and wellbeing of your clients' employees while enhancing your professional reputation.

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Streamlined responsibilities

Mitigate risks associated with stress-related illness. Our EAP offers proactive support and guidance for employees dealing with personal or work-related challenges.

These resources give employees essential tools to overcome hurdles, while streamlining your workload.

Health Assured
Improved client satisfaction and retention

Cut down on your clients’ expenses linked to absenteeism, productivity dips, and turnover.

These savings not only enhance your clients’ financial standing but also reinforce their trust and satisfaction in your services. 
In turn, you can effortlessly cultivate lasting relationships and encourage client retention.

A partnership programme that pays dividends for you and your clients

26.8% Sick day reduction

+4.6% Employee engagement rate

45% Cost savings from absences

97% Client renewals

Struggling with limited time and resources to offer the best service to your clients? 
We can help.

Limited resources significantly impact the quality of care you extend to both your clients and their employees. Introducing Health Assured EAP into your occupational health practice opens doors to a comprehensive support system that surpasses your current capabilities.

With our EAP seamlessly integrated, our dedicated team operates as an extension of your services. This collaborative approach improves client outcomes and tackles the challenges arising from resource limitations in occupational health therapy.

Read more about how we can elevate your service delivery in our download guide.

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Onboarding clients is easy with Health Assured

Begin providing our wellness services to your clients through a straightforward, four-step approach. We take care of the sales process, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on your core occupational health duties. Here's an overview of how the client onboarding process works:

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Awards, accreditations and memberships

At Health Assured, we appreciate the significance of membership organisations. That's why we actively participate as members in numerous prestigious associations. Explore our array of awards, accreditations, and memberships that reflect our commitment to excellence and industry standards.

stonewall diversity champion
The workplace wellbeing charter
Living Wage Employer
UKAS management system
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FAQs about the Health Assured Partnership Programme

Whether you’re a broker, HR consultant, occupational health provider, or you offer wellbeing support services, it’s easy to join the Health Assured Partner Programme. Talk to one of our experts on 0161 836 9832 to begin your partnership journey today.