Mental Health First Aid

Train your employees to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders

What is a MHFA course?

Mental Health First Aid, otherwise known as MHFA, is a course that helps people identify and support colleagues who may be struggling with their mental health at work. The course aims to teach individuals how to recognise signs of mental health issues and provide appropriate assistance. By completing MHFA, participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to offer help and support to those in need. This course is essential for creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

One in four people in the UK and Ireland will suffer from a common mental health issue at work, every year. That’s a sobering statistic—it’s likely that an employee you know needs health and wellbeing support.

You can support mental health at work by learning practical skills. Health Assured offers an online course called Mental Health First Aid Adult.

Recognising poor mental health in employees is important. However, it is not as visible as physical health issues.

How to become a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace

To be a fully qualified mental health first aider, you must complete the MHFA training course. It teaches you how to recognise, comprehend, and assist someone at work who may require help.

The training has full certification and adheres to the nationally recognised Mental Health First Aid England (Adult) course.

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If you are looking to train your employees to become qualified Mental Health First Aiders and would like to know more about how Health Assured can help, then feel free to contact us direct on 0800 756 0893

Alternatively, you can request a callback and a member of our MHFA team will contact you at a time that suits you.

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On this two-day mental health course, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify the early stages of a mental health problem
  • Help someone who’s dealing with a mental health issue
  • Help stop someone from self-harming or hurting others
  • Help stop mental ill health from worsening
  • Help someone have a quicker recovery
  • Guide someone towards proper professional help
  • Break the stigma of a mental health issue

Looking to do a mental health awareness course online?

Health Assured can offer the full Mental Health First Aid course online.

This training provides the same level of detail as the in-person sessions and has full certification. Delegates must complete a pre-course online to participate. For the two-day course, you need a laptop or device with video, good internet, and a workstation.

Up to 16 delegates can participate in the course — contact us for more information today.

MHFA refresher courses

MHFA England recommend that qualified Mental Health First Aiders and Champions attend refresher courses every three years. This keeps their training fresh in their minds, and provides updates on best practice and new methods.

 The courses are short and usually around two to three hours. There will need to be at least eight attendees, with a maximum of 25.

By doing the refresher course, you will:

  • Renew your skills
  • Update your knowledge of mental health support
  • Practice the application of a MHFA action plan

How can you further support your employees?

Our Employee Assistance Programme helps employees with personal issues that could affect their work, health, and wellbeing.

It provides around-the-clock mental wellbeing support to your workforce and their immediate family. It’s a vital employee benefit that helps your teams make it through difficult times. Whether it's personal or professional challenges, an EAP provides a safe space to talk through it all.


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