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At Health Assured, we stand as the leading Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) trusted by large corporations.

Our award-winning offering helps large enterprises make the right choices for the wellbeing of their diverse teams.

Enrol in our Partnership Programme to offer our corporate EAP to your biggest clientele. Our collaborative partnership will help you to provide a competitive service offering to entice high-value clients and cultivate a healthy workforce for the future. We'll help you explore new revenue streams, fostering mutual growth and success for you and your clients.

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A partnership programme that pays dividends for you and your corporate clients

75.3 Average NPS score

26.8% Sick day reduction

30% Highest partner payout

45% Cost savings from absences

Our EAP services for corporations, at a glance

Access an exclusive app for wellbeing

Our Wisdom app empowers employees to proactively monitor their wellness, regardless of their location. With the ability to track vital wellness metrics like sleep, steps, and activity, users gain real-time insights. These insights can boost motivation and promote health and wellbeing across an entire corporation.

Arrange 1-2-1 counselling sessions for free

Our counselling services offer each employee up to 12 sessions per year. Our in-house counsellors create a safe space for individuals to develop self-awareness and share their challenges.

This service plays a pivotal role in corporate environments, fostering a culture that normalises conversations around mental health.

Share group courses for common experiences

Employees can access digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trauma recovery courses through leading platforms.

Among these courses is a specialised CBT programme, designed to assist individuals in managing menopause. Offering such courses enables corporations to provide valuable support to employees navigating crucial life transitions.

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Why corporate teams need our employee assistance programme (EAP)

Reduction in insurance costs

Health Assured EAP is effective in lowering insurance expenses for large enterprises. Through extensive support, counselling and resources, our services minimise claims linked to stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.

This reduction in claims can significantly benefit your clients' corporations by positively influencing their insurance premiums.

Scalable wellbeing support

Our online corporate health and wellbeing services remain effective and relevant as corporations expand.

We provide cutting-edge tools tailored to address diverse employee needs at every level and department. What’s more, our robust and flexible corporate wellbeing programme ensures sustained support for the present and future.

Stress and burnout prevention

Our corporate EAP programme employs proactive strategies to prevent burnout and stress-related illnesses among employees.

By prioritising employee wellbeing, corporations make their employees feel valued and supported, reducing turnover rates and attracting new skilled individuals.

Legal compliance and ethical responsibility

Our comprehensive EAP solutions comply with legal and regulatory obligations for corporations to offer employee mental health support.

Beyond compliance, our programme enables corporations to showcase their dedication to employee mental health. This commitment aligns with societal expectations, fostering positive relationships with insurers.

Increased appeal to new talent

Your corporate business clients are in competition for the very best talent. Excellent employee benefits have become a key factor that prospective employees look for in companies.

We can help your large corporation clients to define a package that stands out from competition and attracts new recruits.

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Choose your intermediary path

We collaborate with health insurance brokers, HR consultants, and occupational health providers to deliver our services to small businesses. Select your preferred intermediary path and explore how our partnership programme can benefit you.

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“We have been using Health Assured since 2017 and the 24-hour service is a great addition to our other wellbeing support. The service, particularly the counselling, has been well received by our people and their immediate family members. We are supported well by our Relationship Manager, and feedback on the entire service is generally positive and they value the range of information available to them.”

Katrina Wright

Wellbeing & Inclusion Manager, Scottish Water

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