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07 January 2015

April is renowned for its rainy weather though it appears winter is trying its best to stay! This is a good time of year to refresh, enjoy the festivities of Easter and start to think about spring cleaning. Even though we lose valuable bed time with the clocks going forward, we get to spend more time in the evenings doing the things we enjoy. As well as the home, why not try spring cleaning your life too? A health and wellbeing spring clean will be hugely beneficial to you, your family and help focus the mind.


How is your work life balance? Do you dedicate more time to one area of your life than another? Is this healthy? Don't be afraid to step away from habits and activities which no longer make you happy. It's your life and your time is a precious resource, so make those changes to help improve your overall wellbeing.


If you don't have a goal, whether in life, work, sport or hobbies, you may feel a lack of focus. Whatever motivates you will give you a sense of purpose so try set yourself a goal like a charity run or learning to play an instrument. It will breed new focus and stimulation in to your life.


Increasing your activity levels will have many physical and mental health benefits. Simple changes, such as committing to a daily walk will help maintain weight, improve fitness and allow valuable thinking time to clear your mind. We get most of our Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, which is essential for healthy bones and helps improve mood.

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