Coping with new beginnings and endings as a student 

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01 July 2022

Starting a new venture of any kind can be an emotional process, and it often means letting go of what was—leaving the familiar territory of the past behind. This newness can be exciting but also daunting at the same time. Change can lead to a range of emotions; it requires adapting and adjusting to new circumstances—and this isn’t always easy.

As a student, these changes might be leaving home for university, starting college or sixth form, or graduating from student life altogether. Throughout your time as a student, you’re likely to experience a lot of change, meeting new people, starting new courses and changing campuses. So to help you ride the waves of student life, we’ve put together some helpful tips below.


Check in with how you feel 

Change can be different for everyone. You might feel ready to throw yourself into something new, or maybe, you're reluctant to step into the unknown. You might even find yourself somewhere in the middle. However you feel right now, know that it’s okay. Accept what comes up and acknowledge it. You may find it useful to write down these feelings on paper too. When you connect with how you’re feeling, you don’t push the feelings away and let them build up. You’re in touch with your emotions and perspective, which can help with the change process.


Keep up your routine 

Try to keep as much familiarity in your life as possible when you’re undergoing changes by sticking to your routine as much as you can. New changes require your mind to work a little harder, which can be quite tiring. These changes might take time to adjust to—so try to give your mind a rest and ground yourself by maintaining your usual schedule. This continuity will provide familiar comforts in times when new routines seem overwhelming.


Take care of yourself 

You’ll be more prepared to take on new challenges when your body and mind are in good health. Taking care of the basics will give you the energy, motivation, and wellbeing to embrace the newness. Ensure you are getting enough sleep, eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking enough water and exercising daily. Remember to take some time to do the things you love too. When busy schedules take over, self-care often becomes last on the priority list. Whether it's time in nature, reading a book or cooking a meal you love—don’t neglect this part of your life.


Speak to others 

Bottling up emotion can make problems feel even more isolating. Try to share how you’re feeling about the changes you’re experiencing with others. Speaking with someone you trust can allow you to release any complicated emotions you might be feeling. When the people around you know that you are struggling, they will also know you need some support right now, so they might be able to offer a hand in times of need.


Get prepared

If you know you’re about to step foot into a new adventure, then make it easier for yourself to adapt by preparing where you can. If you’re moving to university, this might mean joining an online group to make friends, ordering your textbooks or visiting your campus and new hometown. If you’re moving on from education, maybe this looks like researching jobs, applying for roles or considering a graduate scheme. If you’re starting a new year of your course, try to get ahead of the game by doing some reading on upcoming modules or topics. This preparation will help you to adopt new routines and minimise disruption.


Reach out for help if you need it 

Change can be overwhelming, and if you ever feel like you’re struggling to cope with this, then don’t be afraid to reach out for help. It can be difficult to make the call and take this step, but it can help you get through these difficult times. 

If you are still in education, reach out to your college or university provider to see if there are any support services they can offer. If you have a Student Assistance Programme with Health Assured, remember that our helpline is available 24/7,365. Our counsellors are here to provide a listening ear to any problems you might be facing.

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