How to support your parent employees this summer holidays

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29 July 2021

Maintaining a good work-life balance can be hard when you have little ones in tow. But during the summer holidays—it can sometimes be even harder. With the kids off school for such a long time, finding childcare can be challenging for parents. Employees find themselves juggling work projects between childcare plans, between family time—and this can sometimes, prove a little too much.

That’s why it’s important to support your employees during the summertime when family pressures can be high. Maintaining a balanced work-life schedule is essential to health, happiness and productivity at work. When employees start to feel stretched, you’re more likely to see higher rates of stress-related absences in the workplace. Employee wellbeing and engagement are also more likely to suffer.

So here are a few things you can do to support employees with children this summer.

Consider flexible working hours

Flexible working hours could be of huge benefit to parents during the summer holidays. With the pressures of being ‘on time’ reduced, it allows parents that extra bit of wriggle room to drop the kids off in childcare. Or it could work for them to start their shift earlier, skipping the traffic to pick the little ones up on time. With flexible working hours—it’s the parent’s choice. And when we have room to breathe in our lives, that’s when we tend to end up working our best.

Adopt a home-office split

Depending on the distance, some employees can find their commute adds extra hours to their workday. And for parents, they need all the hours they can get — especially during the summer holiday season.

It could mean the cost of an extra hour of childcare for parents. Which may then add financial pressures to their worries. If your workplace has decided to make the move back to the office this summer— it might be worth considering alternative options for those who need it.

It's surprising how these small changes benefit the workplace. Knock on effects like increased productivity and a decrease in absenteeism can be essential to the success of your workforce.

Talk to employees

No one should have to suffer in silence. Looking out for your colleagues is sometimes all the support they need to deal with added parenting pressures.

Let them know you’re aware of the extra responsibilities they face during this time of year—and encourage your line managers to do the same. This way, they might feel more inclined to open up about any problems they face. Rather than letting the demands of the summer holidays mount up on top of them.

Remind them of the help available

Remind your employees of the EAP service and encourage them to use the support when it's needed. Our 24/7, 365 advice, guidance and counselling can make all the difference during times like these. That’s what Health Assured are here for.

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