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24 July 2018


Every person reacts to incidents differently and in some situations, that may be found distressing or upsetting. At Health Assured, it has been proven that it can help to have someone to talk to during times of mental distress.

While some individuals have someone to turn to in a time of need, whether this be a friend or family member, there are others who may not feel comfortable enough to do this. For those people, it is critical that there is somewhere else for them to turn.

One of the best wellness features that Health Assured provide is expert face-to-face counselling services, that can give you a place to speak and be heard when you need it most.

Read on to discover how talking through a difficult situation can help you on your healthy path to recovery.

Why does it work?

One benefit that you will find from our counselling service, is that you are provided with a confidential environment, in which your thoughts and feelings are all valued.

 our counselling service

If you are suffering with a situation which you feel embarrassed or reluctant to talk about with people that you know, these counselling services can offer you a safe, calming environment. Resulting in you not having to worry about being judged or your situation being discussed outside of your session.


Experts in this field

Our counsellors are all BACP accredited and fully trained to deliver advice on a range of difficult situations, from workplace stress,  relationship issues to bereavement and debt support to name a few. They are also hugely experienced, each having at least 450 hours of tutor-led counselling sessions.

This means that you can openly discuss whatever is on your mind, knowing that our counsellors have dealt with very similar problems before and will not pass judgement on what you are saying.

Because of this, they can offer excellent, tailored support which has been successful in the past, to each individual.

Having this type form of support can be conducive to improved wellness, as it will offer an unbiased, healthy perspective on your situation.

Life coaches

Talking with our counsellors will benefit you as they are guaranteed to have excellent techniques to help you handle stress and return to being your best self.

This will aid you in getting a handle on any personal issues which may be impacting your work/home life, which an essential element towards your wellbeing and help you avoid you having to take time off of work due to stress.

our counselling service


As you are able to book more than one session, this will give you the time and space you need for you and your counsellor to work through any issues you are experiencing and find the best route for you to a happier, healthier life


Hopefully this article has raised awareness on the benefits of our counselling service and given you the motivation to talk through your problems.

If you feel there are more wellness based topics you wish to discuss, or want to know how we can help you further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today.

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