Supporting employee wellbeing in 2021

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15 December 2020

According to the Mental Health Foundation, more than eight in ten (82 per cent) of UK adults have experienced stress because of the pandemic. 


While in Ireland, a study from Maynooth University has found that 23% of Irish adults have reported “clinically meaningful” levels of depression due to the pandemic.


Supporting employee wellbeing in 2021

2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to our lives in a variety of ways, from our working schedules to our social lives and relationships. For many, it has been a year full of mental health worries, isolation, and loneliness.


However, with positive news on the horizon concerning vaccines at the time of writing, 2021 will be an important year for employee wellbeing. Here, we have detailed a few ideas on how employers can rid the negativity of 2020 and look forward to positive workplace wellbeing next year...


Acknowledgement: 2020 was an unprecedented year full of challenges for organisations and employees alike. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to look back on the year gone by and thank your team for their hard work and commitment over the past 12 months. When your team members feel appreciated, they will become more invested in the goals of the organisation for the year ahead and will feel more motivated to help contribute towards achieving them. 

New Year's resolution: The start of a new year often comes with resolutions for the year ahead. Due to the challenges of 2020, some team members may feel that their development and progression isn’t a priority for their employers. To combat this, set New Year’s resolutions for the organisation, focusing on the career progression of your people.

Boost positivity: The mental health effects of the winter months are no secret. Also known as the ‘January Blues’, employees can often struggle with returning to work following the festive season. Employers can avoid this by adjusting their wellbeing initiatives during January. For example, offering online fitness classes, hosting virtual quizzes and team-building activities throughout the month.


Benefits of a happy & healthy workplace

A positive workplace wellbeing strategy is a continuously developing factor of any organisation. However, the start of a new year presents an opportunity to revisit your wellbeing initiatives and explore proactive measures you can put in place to protect the mental and physical wellbeing of your people. Here, we have listed some of the benefits you may find by investing in your wellbeing strategy in 2021...


Reduced absenteeism: Simply put, the healthier your team is, the likelihood of them being sick decreases, thus reducing your absenteeism rates and saving your organisation money in the process.

Reduced turnover: Studies have shown that the cost of replacing an employee can be as much £30,000/€35,000 per employee. Creating a healthy work environment can help you retain key employees and save money on training and recruiting.

Increased productivity: Not only do healthier employees have more energy, endurance, and focus, they’re also happier and have higher life-satisfaction. This is important to note for employers as studies have shown that happier employees are 20% more productive than their unhappy counterparts.


While creating a healthy and happy working environment for your team can be a complex project to undertake, However, by cultivating a culture of wellbeing in your workplace, you will soon reap the benefits of a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.



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