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06 April 2022

Drowning in your to-do list? Paralysed by a difficult decision? Overwhelmed with commitments? Stress can bubble up like the inside of a kettle, slowly rising and heating up, until suddenly—you're at boiling point—and on the verge of burnout.

Stress is the tightness of your chest, racing heart rate, inability to concentrate and a disconnect from others. Noticing when we’ve slipped into stress is one of the first steps to overcoming the hurdle.

Pay attention to these signs when they arise. Because if you can pause for a brief moment and choose a healthy way to relieve this tension, you’ll be released from stress’ tight hold. Then, you can take actions that align with your goals and gain more clarity in situations. 

It’s difficult to find that pause sometimes, and it takes time to find healthy coping mechanisms. But when you discover your tools and remember to use them, life becomes that little bit easier. Try the stress-busting tips below and see if they work for you.


Find your mantra 

Sometimes stress can trigger negative thoughts, self-doubt and overthinking. But the words spoken in our minds and out loud have ripple effects that span far and wide. Many people find that repeating a positive, empowering mantra helps them overcome stressful times. But you need to find one that feels right and relevant to you. We’ve given a few examples below:

  • I have control over how I feel and I choose to feel at peace
  • I’ve survived all the worst days so far
  • I give myself permission to let go of what doesn’t serve me
  • All experiences are helping me to grow

Repeat your mantra for a minute and focus on your breathing as you do.


A hug 

Touch is a powerful tool. And while it may be one of the lesser regarded five senses, it has a unique way of bringing us back in touch with the moment. Hugging, in particular, has been shown to increase connection, slow heart rate and reduce stress. Next time you’re feeling stressed out, hug a loved one and see if you feel the benefit—that is if you’re a hugger of course.


Use a creative outlet 

Studies on stress highlighted a range of Creative Arts Therapies as helpful antidotes. These include art, dance, movement, and drama therapies. Create something; it could be anything. A page of doodles, a painting, or a pottery class. Dance or sing it out and let your mind venture from the source of your worries into the realms of creativity. It might only be a short-term coping strategy. But this creative outburst could be the break you need to take on future challenges.


Take a mental holiday 

Think of a place that makes you feel at ease. It could be a beloved holiday destination, a scenic spot by the ocean or a place you visited when you were young. Try to imagine the sights, sounds, temperatures and smells you experienced at the time. The human imagination is a powerful tool. So visualising and immersing yourself in these serene, happy images can help you relieve worries and anxieties.


Long, deep breathing 

It’s as simple as that. When we’re stressed, we feel it in the body. Symptoms include a raised heart rate and muscle tension. The body is alert to threats and on edge in this state. Taking control of your breathing can help bring you down from heightened emotion. Breathe deeply into your belly and focus on extending your exhalation if you can. This kind of breathing triggers a domino effect that calms the body, mind and emotion. Like climbing down a ladder, all you have to do is breathe. And the best part? You can do this whenever, wherever—without anyone else knowing.

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