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20 July 2016

June 24th 2016 could be deemed a historical day for the United Kingdom (UK), altering our country’s course as we know it for good. 

Whether you voted to remain or were an avid supporter of the exit campaign, it is undeniable that emotions have run high for both parties. Already, since confirmation of the UK’s plan to leave the European Union (EU), there have been a number of notable resignations within British politics as well as countless reports of concern for the economy. Given these current circumstances it is understandable that our worries for the country may leak into our working environment. However, it is important that feelings of concern are nipped in the bud. Health Assured is on hand to guide managers and team leaders through any issues they have whilst continuing to offer counselling and advice to employees. There are three key areas to be aware of:
  • Immigration concerns
  • Workplace or racial tension
  • Dealing with stress and managing your mood.
The law on employing EU Nationals in the UK was fairly relaxed prior to the referendum; being part of the EU meant that all of its members’ Nationals face no restrictions on living and working in another member state; no Government permission is needed, no visa, no authorisation card. Immigration was a hotly debated topic during the run up to the Referendum and a “Leave” vote has considerable potential implications for the UK workforce as there are around two million EU Nationals currently working in the UK. Since the “Leave” result was announced, we’ve had various calls from EU Nationals asking for more information on what happens next? What checks and visas need to be in place? What plans need to be made right now to provide security in the future? The uncertainty of the current position means nothing is yet clear and employers need to play a role in providing reassurance at this time. As a result of this there is an increased risk of dealing with workplace tensions, especially those surrounding racial issues. It is important that cases of this nature are dealt with as a matter of urgency as any event relating to race could be considered workplace bullying or a form of harassment. Racial equality is a protected right and any occasions where this is not met should be reported immediately to your Manager or HR Department Representative. The Brexit debate divided the country almost in half leaving as many individuals unhappy with the result as those celebrating the decision. Combined with the strains on the economy, it is understandable to feel uncertain about financial security and workplace stability. The announcement of Theresa May’s appointment as the next Prime Minister should hopefully begin to calm the waters, but there remains a level of doubt as to whether there may be another general election and when the government plans to deliver Article 50. If you are concerned about how this may affect any of your employees, or would like advice in dealing with concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to contact Health Assured. Our team of advisors and qualified counsellors are on hand 24/7 to support you with any hurdle that you may face. Just call 0800 030 5182 or to find out other ways we may be able to assist you please visit

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